Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making treats for our neighbors

Each year we like to make a little gift for our neighbors.
This year we made cookies.
Faith really enjoys helping in the kitchen now.
She's a great taste tester.
And Benjamin likes to sprinkle the sprinkles - he put sprinkles on his hamburger.
The rest went on raspberry bark dipped pretzels. 
150 dipped pretzels and 12 dozen cookies later, our little goodie baskets were ready to deliver. 
Merry Christmas neighbors!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Grace's class party

Grace's class had their Christmas party today.
The table was decorated with little fabric Christmas trees the children made.
And they had snow themed snacks.
Then it was time for presents!
Grace gave each of her classmates either a splat pig or a splat egg.
I must say we had an awesome time at the party and now we can't wait for Christmas break.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dunnam family

This year Nanna found her old prom dress and brought it for us all to see.
It's hard to believe it's over 60 years old.
Lynn looks great in yellow, don't you think?
And no Dunnam family get together is complete without pictures. We started with Nanna and Gran and their four children.
Then we added in their spouses and cousins.
After that we decided we needed one with the entire gang.
So we piled in.
And smiled.
And took several shots.
One after the other.
Trying to make sure we got one good shot with everyone looking and smiling.
Which is pretty much impossible.  So we opted for personality instead.

Dunnam family Christmas party

Before and after feasting, the children had fun playing with their cousins.
Faith and Mattie really hit it off.
They went everywhere together.
Grace wanted to start a band.
Avery played the piano.
So did Eli.
Grace tried the trombone.
Meanwhile, Benjamin played with the dominoes.
Then everyone was surprised when Seth showed up.
Everyone was super excited.
And couldn't wait to talk to him.
He's the first in the family to go into the military voluntarily. 
But out of everyone there, I think Seth's girlfriend Heaven was the most excited to see him.
Then we settled down to hear the Christmas story.
Kevin did an excellent job reading it.
It was sweet to see the kids listen so attentively.
And I loved watching them interact with one another.
It's a shame we only get together once a year or so.
Next, Grace passed out numbers for the dirty Santa game.
And we gave Nanna and Gran their cake plate.
Benjamin unwrapped a Caterpillar truck.
Faith received Minnie Mouse dress up doll.
And Queenie walked away with a talking Duck Dynasty duck that my kids adore.
What a wonderful afternoon spent with family.

Dunnam family Christmas party - Good eats!

The Dunnam family had our annual Christmas party together.
Everyone signed Nanna's tablecloth.  This is a tradition that has been going on for many, many years.
Even Chloe enjoyed the festivities.
Gran and Grace played checkers.
Grace really enjoyed trying to beat Gran.  As far as I know, no one can beat him at checkers.  Or dominoes.
Before long it was time to eat.
It was quite the feast.
Benjamin realized quickly that he was just the right size for the dessert table.  And he helped himself.
If you come to a Dunnam gathering and leave hungry, it's your own fault.
The food was fantastic.  And the fun was even better. 
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