Monday, February 28, 2011

Grace goes to the dentist

Grace had a dentist appointment today.
She was very excited about it.  Every time we go, Grace always stops to give this bird a hug.  How sweet!
Grace sat in the big chair all by herself.
And got her teeth cleaned.
They really cleaned them good!  The toothpaste was birthday cake flavored and apparently it's quite yummy!
Then she had her first set of xrays.  Not once did she complain or cry.  She was an excellent patient.
And because she was cavity free, she got a coupon for a free ice cream cone from Chick-fil-a.
I wish my dentist did that for me!  Seriously, we love Grace's dentist.

Come to think of it, I'd love to go to Grace's dentist office myself.  In the waiting room they have a huge fish tank with Nemo fish and Dorie fish.  There's also a mini theater set up playing children's cartoons nonstop.  And a life size ship to play on surrounded with toy crabs, lobsters, and fish.  Even nets to toss around and bells to ring.  And adjacent to that are video games like PacMan, Gallaga, and Caterpillar.  Oh, and the waiting room chairs are those really nice wicker chairs with deep seat cushions.  And while you get your teeth cleaned you can watch movies on tvs mounted to the ceiling above your chair.  Now why can't all dentists be that fancy?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nursery revamped

This is what our nursery, Faith's room, used to look like.
While David was in Omaha, I decided to make a few changes.
This is what it looks like now. Now it's Faith and Grace's room! While David was in Omaha, I went to Monroeville with the girls and got this bunk bed and put it together.  I was able to keep my glider by putting it between the bunk bed and the crib.   Where is the crib you ask?
In the closet!  It fits there beautifully since I took the closet doors off and put them in our attic.
I even managed to keep the bookcase in the room.  I put our small tv and dvd player on top of the bookcase so Grace can still watch movies in bed.  Sometimes that's the only way I can get her to rest when she's really tired.  The bookcase is filled with fabric bins that used to hold extra crib sheets and pump accessories, baby towels, etc.  Now it holds all my fabric and sewing supplies.  I have some smaller baskets for our extra sheets and blankets under the bed.  Where is the dresser you wonder?
Right as you walk into the girls' room.  There's a funny wall right inside the door that is just the right width to hold the dresser.  It's also where my pregnancy pictures are hanging.  I've already decided I need to repaint that dresser black to better match the picture frames.  It's added to my to-do list.
All in all, I'm quite pleased with the results.  That bedroom is so tiny but it works.  And in case you're wondering why I did all this, it's really quite simple.  Grace has been waking up in the middle of the night scared.  She's been saying she's scared of her big bed (she was sleeping in a king).  And she wanted to sleep in the crib with Faith or in the bed with us. 

It was becoming a nightly ritual where Grace would wake up, climb up the stairs to our room, and wake us up.  Then I would carry her back downstairs to her room and hold her until she fell back asleep before going back to bed myself.  Needless to say, it was exhausting.  Besides, we eventually thought the girls would enjoy sharing a room.  What better way to do that than bunk beds?  So far, Grace loves it!  And before you ask, she's sleeping in the top bunk.  She says she loves her little bed up high.  And I'm so glad she does.
My future plans for the girls room include making a quilt for the bottom bunk.  Grace has a beautiful pink quilt that her Nanna had made for her when she was born that we're using on the top bunk.  It's the perfect size.  Then I plan to make some pillow covers for the three big pillows on the bottom bunk.  Currently, they're blue.  I want them either white or pink.. And recover my glider and add a thicker seat cushion.  Then I need to paint the dresser black.  And finally, I think I want to hang some tissue flower balls from the ceiling.  I have a lot left to do, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful and useful!  Besides, I love all my projects around the house.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mardi Gras parade

This year we were fortunate enough to go to the Daphne Mardi Gras parade with our friends Melanie and Jarrett.
We met at a restaurant and hung out before the parade. 
Melanie made a Thumbelina out of a napkin and Grace's thumb.
And Melanie was sweet enough to teach Grace the song "Thumbelina."  Lyrics found here.
There was an amazing turnout for the parade.  Both sides of the street were 5+ people deep for the entire route.
But soon enough the parade started.  We saw carts lit up with lights.
And men marching in kilts.
I love men in kilts!  Especially when they play music.
We saw dancers.
And flag twirlers.
And half a dozen floats tossing goodies out to the crowd.  I only took one picture of the floats before putting my camera away.  Grace was with me and I was trying to help her catch some goodies.  All she wanted was a moon pie.  She talked about getting a moon pie at the parade all afternoon.  And it was much harder than I expected getting one.  In fact, every time one was tossed our way, someone else snatched it up. 
Even Faith and David managed to catch some beads while they waited on the restaurant deck.  Unfortunately, Grace and I didn't catch any moon pies.  But then we sat down to eat our burgers and fries and Grace started climbing on the ground under the table.  I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I see a moon pie!"  I looked around and didn't see anything, but she insisted she saw a moon pie.  Then she climbed under my chair, and sure enough, there was a moon pie.  I couldn't believe it.  She found her moon pie!
Meanwhile, Jarrett had gone around the corner where the parade passed by a second time. 
And he caught a moon pie for Grace.
Grace was so happy over her two moon pies and could care less about any of the beads or toys.  All she wanted was a moon pie.  And she got it!

Friday, February 25, 2011


I failed to mention that I also received several skeins of yarn in the great big garbage bags from our garage sale shopping adventure.  Personally, I have no idea what to use the yarn for.
But Grace doesn't have that problem.
She meticulously unraveled each ball of yarn.
And tied it all around our family room.
She called it her spider's web.
And it really looks like one!
She was really happy with the results.
And Faith found it pretty interesting, as well.
I have a feeling that Faith is going to follow her big sister into lots of trouble as they get older.  :)

Garage sale find of the week: Vintage fabric and vintage sewing patterns

Faith and I went to a garage sale today and this is what we walked away with.
Tons of fabric and patterns!  The gentleman holding the garage sale was doing so for his mother who has given up sewing.  He wanted 50 cents for each piece of fabric and each pattern.  Rather than sort through everything I asked if he would be willing to sell the whole lot.  And he offered it all for $5!  (A much better deal than buying pieces individually!)  So I snatched it all up.  The whole lot comprised of 4 garbage bags full of fabric and 1 garbage bag full of patterns. 
After I got home I sorted through it all and found this vintage fabric that I think will make a gorgeous skirt for me... I also found several yards of eyelet, seersucker, and even dark wash denim. 
 But best of all there were 26 patterns for children. 
In all sizes from 1 and up.  And these must be vintage - most are marked at 55 cents!  And you know vintage is so stylish now!
In addition to the children's patterns, there were 51patterns for women:  shorts, blouses, dresses, and skirts.  Even one for purses and handbags!  I must admit that I probably won't ever use some of the fabric or patterns, but there's so much left that I will use that I just don't know where to start.  I have enough in this stash alone to last months of continuous sewing.  Now I just need to figure out how to actually use a pattern...  and maybe make a quilt or ten...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A visit to the vet

Chloe is sick.
I put her in the car to take her to the vet. 
 And she puked.  In. My. Car!  Ugh.
So this is what it's like going to the vet with me.  I have a 4 year old dog, a 3 three year old daugther, her toy "Puppy Friend", and a 7 month old baby girl to carry in.  Not to mention a purse full of "just in case" items.  Needless to say, I have my hands full.
Grace insisted on bringing Puppy Friend to the doctor and was quite disappointed when he left without a shot, too.  Lately, Puppy Friend has been going everywhere Grace goes.  On walks.  To school.  And apparently to Chloe's vet visit.  I'm not quite sure if I should tell Grace that Puppy Friend isn't a real puppy..

Anyway, Chloe has another urinary tract infection and an infection in her throat.  Her UTI is due to me not wiping her hiney each and every time she goes potty.  Her throat infection is from licking her hiney.  Ick!  She received a shot and starts a round of antibiotics tomorrow.  Hopefully she'll be back to normal soon.

Fish biscuit

Seeing Faith do this makes me think she's part chipmunk.  Or beaver.  Or something.
 But she's only teething.
 Her teething, however, is starting to damage my furniture.
So I whipped this up for her to use instead.   My emphasis was on its function not form.  And I needed something fast to save my furniture...  If you look closely, you'll see I didn't even bother changing out the thread on my sewing machine.  And I didn't bother hiding any of my stitches.  In fact, what looks like a nose or mouth was some practice stitches using different feet for another project.   Come to think of it, this actually pretty sloppy.  I should be probably be embarassed...but I doubt Faith will be much of a critic...
 Inside I put a little unfinished wooden oval.  I'm thinking it should help with my baby's need to gnaw.
I used all fabric remnants and sewed a quick (real quick) case for the little wooden block.    Then I stuffed the tail with wet wipes wrapper and tiny fabric scraps.  I decided this chew toy needed a crinkle factor like the expensive toys at the store.  So I took an empty wet wipes container and cut it into strips and then stuffed it into the tail before sewing it all up.  Like I said, this was a quick project to save my furniture, not win any sewing awards. 
 She actually seems to like it.  I've dubbed it Faith's "fish biscuit."
When I picked Grace up from school, she wanted to see it.  She bit down on it like Faith and said, "Momma, this fish biscuit is kinda hard."  Um, you're not supposed to really eat it darling.  Then Grace was kind enough to point out that it's missing an eyeball.   Fish have two eyeballs, you know, but I only had one pink button.  Now Grace wants me to make her a fish biscuit like Faith's but she needs two eyeballs on hers... 

My work is never done.  Smile.
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