Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grace's 6th birthday party

Grace had her 6th birthday party today.
It's so hard to believe how fast the years have flown by.
Grace adores her cake.
Her cake that she decorated.
We also had jello with little cutie boats.
Blue Bell ice cream.
And lots of kids swimming.
Swimming is the best.
Then the birthday girl blew out her candles.
And we ate cake.
And ice cream.
And opened presents.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  You are growing into such a beautiful little lady with such a kind and compassionate spirit.  You are always so patient with everyone.  When strangers come up and ask to touch your hair, you smile sweetly at them, shrug your shoulders, and say "Sure."  When your younger brother and sister start to fight over a toy, you step in and try to reason with them and make them both happy.  You are always the first to jump in and help if help is needed.  And I love our late night talks each evening where you tell me exactly what kind of birthday cake you want at your next birthday.  Your pink mermaid princess cake is something we have talked about every night without fail for the last 364 days.  And I know that tonight we will most likely talk about the cake you want next year and how many days away until you get to have another birthday party.   And I love how you tell me who your best friends are and all your secrets and every little thing that you think about.  I love helping you with your homework.  It's such a joy to hear you read all on your own and while you still need help with some of the big words that don't follow the rules, you are getting better every day.  There are so many, many reasons I am lucky to be your Momma. You make heart smile and I love you more than my heart can hold.  

Friday, August 30, 2013

Decorating Grace's birthday cake

Grace loves to help in the kitchen.
And this year she really wanted to decorate her birthday cake.  She she piped on her named, filled in the pink mermaid tail, put candy seashells and gold fish crackers on her cake.  It won't be long and she'll be baking and decorating all the cakes all by herself.

Benjamin likes his Momma's flip flops

Benjamin is quite fascinated with shoes.
In particular, he really likes flip flops.
And his Momma's flip flops most of all.  

Cupcakes for school

We are having Grace's birthday party this weekend.
So we made vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and a rasberry seashell on top. 
And we took them to school for a little extra celebration.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

More school work.

This week Grace's class read a book about a little mouse named Wemberly who worries about starting school.
Grace doesn't worry about school.  She worries that her sister will get run over by a car.  Oh my...

South Alabama ball game

Today we took the kids to their first ever football game.
South Alabama!
Faith was styling with her sunglasses.
Then a stranger gave us pushup pops.
And my kids thoroughly enjoyed them.
We stayed for the first quarter and then headed home.  It was fun.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


My parents are going on a much needed vacation to Pennsylvania.  
Meanwhile, we get to birdsit.  I think Chloe is the most excited to have some company.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Get to know Grace

Grace made a self portrait at school this week.  Isn't it lovely?
And she had an opportunity to present it to her class.
Grace said she is 5 years old and has red hair and blue eyes.
Her favorite color is pink.
Her favorite book is Princess ABCs.
Her favorite sport is Alabama.  She got a little confused there.  She meant Auburn.
Her favorite food is spaghetti.
Her favorite animal is cat.  Shocking since we have a dog...
Her favorite subject is math.  I totally get that.
And when she grows up she wants to be a nice person.  Melt my heart...she's such a sweet girl.

Looking for Grace

Benjamin is waking up around 8:00 now.
Once he's downstairs he makes his rounds throughout the house.
And finally stops at the front window.
He's looking for Grace and I think he realizes that she left on the school bus.  Quite often in the afternoons both Benjamin and Faith can be found looking out the window waiting for the bus to bring Grace back home again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grace's school work from her 1st day of 1st grade

Grace brought home some school from her first day of school.
 She drew a picture of her going down the big slide on the playground.
 And a lovely picture of her teacher.
Grace explained to me that Mrs. Comer is inside a TV.  That's where she sees her each morning.
And Grace reconnected with three of her friends from her kindergarten class.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting for Grace

After Grace left for school, I came back inside to find both Faith and Benjamin looking solemnly out the window.
I have a feeling they are both going to miss their big sister.
But I think Faith will miss Grace most of all.

First day of First Grade

Today was Grace's first day of first grade.
It's so hard to believe I have a first grader!
But she was super excited to go and waited outside for almost 20 minutes for the bus.
But then it finally arrived and Grace was off to a brand new school year looking forward to all the exciting adventures to come.

Box fun

What's more fun than playing with a box?
Painting it, of course.
And then transforming it into a playhouse.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

After our pediatrician visit.
I took the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese. 
We started by piling Benjamin, Faith, and Grace in the monster truck.
Benjamin was petrified.
Then we played some shoot 'em up video games.
And rode a horse.
Benjamin giggled at his big sisters antics.
Then we devoured our pizza.
It was suprisingly good.
We ate it all.
Then said Hi to Chuck.
And had a great afternoon together.
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