Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alligator Alley

We took all the children to Alligator Alley today.
And we started by holding a 2 year old baby gator.
Luke bravely held him.
While Faith gave him a little pat on the back.
Stephen was fearless, too.
Benjamin was more curious than anything.
Then we were able to see other reptiles.
Like monstrous snakes.  Grace was adventurous as always.
So was I.
David is absolutely fearless.
Benjamin was quite frightened.  He just buried his head and pretended those giant snakes weren't there.
He didn't like riding on the tortoise.
Faith refused to hop on but she did consent to touch him.
Then we saw an alligator snapping turtle.
After that we checked out the numerous resident alligators.
We fed them.
And watched them eat.
Then we settled for a snowcone snack before watching the gator feeding and heading home.  How exciting.

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