Sunday, April 21, 2013

Married Happily Ever After

The next day we went out on the boat with the newlyweds.
And everything still looked gorgeous.
As did the bride and matron of honor.
Not to mention that ring.  Wow!
We are so happy for Jennifer and Joe.
And wish them a lifetime of love and laughter.
And my fingers are crossed that they'll invite us back to celebrate their first anniversary next year...

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Once Grace finished her walk with rose petals,
She wasn't quite sure what to do with those left in her basket.
Stephen made some funny faces.
And Grace squirmed around a bit.
So did Stephen.
The ceremony was short, but not short enough for my little girl.
But both Grace and Stephen did really, really well.
And I'm so glad they were able to take part in Jennifer and Joe's special day.


Jennifer and Joe had a very small and intimate wedding.
Grace was the flowergirl.  And Stephen was the ring bearer.
They're best buddies.
David escorted his mother, the mother-of-the-bride.
Then Joe and his best man came out.
Followed by the handsome ring bearer.
And the lovely flowergirl.
Grace was quite meticulous with those rose petals.
Then the absolutely stunning bride was escorted in by her daddy.
Joe was taken away.
It was a lovely ceremony.
And the day couldn't have been more beautiful.
It was by far one of the most gorgeous and elegant weddings I have ever been.
As the prayer was said,
Grace bowed her head and clasped her hands together.
Then before we knew it, Joe and Jennifer were prounounced husband and wife.
And it was time to celebrate!
So two by two the kids followed the newly wed couple..
And it was time for the reception to begin.
Bubbles were blown as Jennifer and Joe had their first dance together.
Stephen and Grace collected rose petals.
And threw them on the dance floor.
The cake was delicious.  One layer was almond and another was carrot.  Yum!
Grace loved watching the bride and groom share a piece.
Then Bethany, matron of honor, gave an incredibly sweet toast.
As did David.
Then all too soon the night was over.  But the best is yet to come for them.  We wish them many, many years of love, laughter, and happiness.   And lots and lots of babies!  Best wishes.


Before the wedding began, Jennifer and Joe had an orchestra playing music as the guests arrived.
Grace just heard the music and wanted to dance.
She found the perfect gentlman partner with Stephen.
He twirled her around.
And they boogie-boogied together.
Until it was time for the wedding to begin.


Grace was the flowergirl for Jennifer and Joe's wedding.
I loved her dress.
And her headpiece.
And Grace liked her high heels.  And playing with Chanel.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Family and Friends before the wedding

David, Grace, and I flew to Charlotte for David's sister, Jennifer's wedding.  First, we ate and mingled at Jennifer and Joe's house.
We ate fantastic Mexican they had catered.  Even Chanel enjoyed it.
Then Grace and Stephen played in the sand while the adults hung out.
Here is Joe with all the boys.
And Jennifer with all the girls.
Just the siblings:  My handsome hubby, David with Jennifer, the bride to be, Bethany, and Stephen
Bethany and her hubsand Ed.
The soon-to-be-newly weds.
Then we practice lighting the floating lanterns.
We sent one away.
And it crashed into the lake.
Grace caught it.  Lesson learned, the lanterns need to be lit for a while before letting go...
It was an awesome night and we can hardly wait for the big day tomorrow!
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