Friday, April 19, 2013

Family and Friends before the wedding

David, Grace, and I flew to Charlotte for David's sister, Jennifer's wedding.  First, we ate and mingled at Jennifer and Joe's house.
We ate fantastic Mexican they had catered.  Even Chanel enjoyed it.
Then Grace and Stephen played in the sand while the adults hung out.
Here is Joe with all the boys.
And Jennifer with all the girls.
Just the siblings:  My handsome hubby, David with Jennifer, the bride to be, Bethany, and Stephen
Bethany and her hubsand Ed.
The soon-to-be-newly weds.
Then we practice lighting the floating lanterns.
We sent one away.
And it crashed into the lake.
Grace caught it.  Lesson learned, the lanterns need to be lit for a while before letting go...
It was an awesome night and we can hardly wait for the big day tomorrow!

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