Friday, April 12, 2013

Goldie the non-goldfish

As a parent, I don't give my children an allowance.  Instead, I expect my children to earn their money and little jobs like cleaning up the playroom, putting toys away after playing, helping set the table at dinner, etc. don't count.  I expect those things everyday.   But on the occasion they want to earn a little money for special treats, I help them find extra jobs to do around the house so they can earn their money.  Things like pulling weeds in the garden, babysitting, washing windows and potties.  (Grace actually likes to clean the potties.)
Grace has been wanting a pet fish for quite some time now and has been asking to do a lot of extra work to save up.  And she finally saved enough.  So, today I took them out for ice cream and then we stopped by the pet store where Grace took her jar of money in and picked out a fish.  And while we took a lot longer to check out than our cashier liked, I helped Grace patiently count out her money and pay for her fish.  She was super excited and proud of her fish "Goldie" that she bought all by herself.  And I am super proud of her.

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