Saturday, April 30, 2011


We drove down to Gulf Shores again today.
 But first we made a stop at the outlets.
 And Grace and Faith rode in the ice cream truck while Momma and Daddy shopped!
 Then we finally made it to Lulu's.
 And Grace tried to hula-hoop.   Only she calls it "hoop-a-loop."
 And she spins around more than the hoop actually does.
 But she was excited and enthusiastically yelled out, "I did it!" after each revolution.
 Meanwhile, Faith sat in the sand barely moving a muscle.  She really doesn't care for sand.
 Grace, however, loves it.  She always comes home covered head to toe in it.
 While waiting for our food, the girls shared a chair.
 And a few hugs.
 They take hugging seriously.
 Grace kept watching the "rope walkers."
 This is the latest and greatest beach activity Lulu's has to offer.
 Grace said she wanted to walk on the ropes so she got in line with her Daddy.
 Since Grace isn't quite 48 inches tall yet, she had to have an adult go with her.  I'm too scared of heights to get up there so it was left to David.  He's not afraid of anything.
 Soon they were strapped into their harnesses.
 And up they went!
 Here they are at the first and lowest level.
 Grace waved down to me!
And then she was ready to begin her trek across the sky.
 She started with one of the tight ropes.
 Then moved to a double bridge.
 She held onto her Daddy's hands for support.
 She's fearless just like him.
 See?  I would have been terrified, but Grace loved it.
 Then they tried to traverse the walking ropes.
 On to the next platform.
 And the sky bridge.  They climbed higher and higher in that aerial maze.
 After half an hour or so, Grace and her Daddy began their descent.
 One last swaying bridge.
 Before they hit the stable stairs and climbed down.
Whew!  Momma was relieved to have her baby and husband safe and sound back on the ground!
What a fantastic and exciting day!

Friday, April 29, 2011


One of our favorite past times is playing with building blocks.
 Grace helps me build the "tallest tower."
 And Faith laughs when she knocks it down.
 After a while, it turns to tickle time!
Most of all, I just enjoy playing with my kids.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exploring the pier

We went to the pier again today.
 And Faith was so happy to get out of the house.  She's teething.  You can just make out her two top teeth coming in.
 Faith tried to get Grace's sunglasses.
 So Grace gave Faith a snack to distract her.  And then she waved to me.
 With her foot.
 For some odd reason, Faith always props her foot in the air while she eats.
 After her snack we let Faith sit on the pier for a bit.  She was tired of sitting in the stroller.
 Grace sat beside Faith and taught her all about the cast net.  "You throw it in the water and it makes a big splash and then you pull, pull, PULL on it and get it out of the water and there's fishes in it!"
 Then Grace decided to tie Faith up in the net so she wouldn't fall in the water and get eaten by an alligator.
 Faith liked her newly found freedom.
She raced across the pier.
 And was surprised to be pulled up short.  It's a good thing we tied her up, otherwise she really would have tumbled head first into the bay.
 Soon we loaded up, "All aboard!"
And headed home.
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