Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter activities at the local park

Today we went to the Easter hunt at our local park.
Grace insisted on wearing her spring coat.  She loves the polka dots.
When we arrived, Grace wanted to jump on the bouncy obstacle course.
She climbed up.
And then slid down.
She crawled through tiny openings.
And took great leaps into the air.
Each time she was a little bit braver than before.
Until she was almost flying through the air.
After bouncing for a looonnnng time, David carried the girls to the petting farm area.
Grace loved the pony she named, "Suzy," but Faith didn't want to be anywhere near it.
They petted bunny rabbits.
And Suzy, again.
Then these tiny little pigs.
Grace named all three of them, "Wilbur."
We saw funny headed chickens.
Grace did not like them.
And we saw baby piglets and bunnies, too.
Then we spotted the train coming by.
So Grace and I rode in the caboose and watched Faith and David in the car in front of us.
There was even a clown making free balloon animals, but we didn't wait around for any of those.  It was almost time to hunt for eggs!

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