Monday, April 11, 2011

Tent time!

This weekend the girls and I built tents all over the family room.
 It was a multi-room enclosure using big quilts and smaller blankets.  And chairs and desks.  Pillows, too.  Basically anything we could find, we used.
 The girls had fun hiding from each other in our makeshift quarters.
 First, Grace would hide from Faith.
 Then Faith would come crawling through room by room until she found her big sister.
 After she was discovered, Grace would make another getaway.
 And again Faith would search for her.
 Grace even cheated a few times hiding above our encampment.
 But Faith always managed to find her.
 Faith never gave up tracking down Grace.
 And Grace never tired of hiding from her. 
That is, until Faith finally tore the tents down looking for Grace after Grace hid in the kitchen.  But that was okay, we just built another fort even bigger and better.

What a great way to spend a lazy weekend together and I'll treasure Faith and Grace's squeals of delight and peels of laughter for a lifetime.

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