Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dog park

I took all my girls to the dog park today.
 Grace was in charge of Chloe.  Grace loves to be in charge!
 "Look, Chloe!  I found a flying thing for you!"  Um. That flying thing is called a frisbee, dear.
 "I'll throw it and you go get it.  Okay?"
 "Go get it Chloe!"  Chloe just looked back at Grace like, "Really?  Why don't you go get it instead..."
 "Don't worry, Grace.  I'll get it for you and you go get Chloe!"  And Faith started crawling towards the frisbee.            

Just look at Faith's hair.  For some reason it is determined to stand straight up and out at every angle...
And Grace was off chasing after Chloe yelling, "Chloe!  Ccccc-loooooow-EEEEE!"
Chloe took off like a flash after she heard Grace calling out, "I'm gonna get you, Chloe!"
Meanwhile, Faith was distracted by a leaf.  A tiny, tiny leaf.         I think.
 "Slow down, Chloe!  You're running too fast!"
Faith looked over her shoulder just in time to catch Grace catching Chloe.
 Poor Chloe.  She got plenty of exercise today running from Grace.   But Grace got even more exercise.  She was pretty tired by the time we decided to go home.  Faith just enjoyed the freedom of crawling around and exploring in the grass.  Don't worry, I checked for poop before letting her play.
We all enjoyed our afternoon at the park today.  It was too bad we never saw any other dogs there.

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