Friday, September 30, 2011

We went to the pier tonight

And Faith held her first shrimp.
I was a little surprised that she voluntarily held it.
Then we watched a lovely sunset together before heading back inside.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Potty training attempt in progress

Faith really likes watching her big sister go potty like a big girl.
So I decided to let Faith give it a try.  She really liked sitting on the potty and using the toilet paper, but wouldn't you know that she just wouldn't go...until I put her diaper back on her again.  Looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer before trying this again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A pony in her tail

Grace's hair is getting so long!
Long enough to "put a pony in her tail" as Grace would say.
Although some curls still manage to escape.
Piggy tails work a little better.
Of course, I think she looks darling both ways.
It's hard to believe my little girl is four years old now and her hair is long enough to pull back.  Sigh.  Somedays I wish I could just slow it all down for a few years...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grace's 4 year checkup

Today Grace went to her 4 year checkup.
She is really growing into a beautiful little girl.  She's still tall and skinny.  Grace weighs 39 pounds (50%) and is 42 inches tall (90%).  She's also a very brave little girl.  I opted for her to receive her booster vaccinations so she received 4 shots today.  The nurse told her to lay on the table and told me to hold her down.  Those shots really looked like they hurt but Grace didn't cry or move a bit.  She winced as she got the last one and only said, "That really hurts.  I don't like shots!"  I can't blame her.  I don't like them either.  But she got a lollipop and we went out for ice cream afterwards.  And now Grace doesn't need any more shots until she's 10.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

After party

After Grace's birthday party we came home.
And Grace sported her new cowgirl boots.
And played with some of her gifts.
Then Faith tried Grace's boots on for size.
And we were all so sad that the day had to come to an end.

Party at the Little Gym

This year we celebrated Grace's birthday at the Little Gym.
They started her party off by having all the kids sit in a circle and one at a time say "Happy Birthday" to Grace.
Then they kids got to play on all the gym equipment.
Grace was so funny showing me how strong she was.
Faith, as usual, tried following in her sister's shoes.
Then the children ran around on the mat together.  Grace was an airplane.
Next, they rode noodles and pretended to be cowgirls and cowboys.
After that, it was follow-the-leader time.  Grace was the leader.
Then Grace took the time to help her little sister play for a bit.
Soon it was back to the bars.
Grace is more bendy than I give her credit for.
And really likes those bars.
After a while, Faith warmed up to all the gym equipment.
And before we knew it, they brought out a great big wheel for the kids to ride.
And flip off.
Grace loved it.
Faith, however, was terrified.
Then the kids jumped on the air mat.
Grace loves jumping.
And the air mat was right up her alley.
Soon they deflated the air mat and it was time for cake and presents!
Grace was very excited to blow out her candles.   
So we brought the castle cake to her.
And she blew out her candles before we even sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  It took two more attempts before she'd let us finish the song.
Then everyone had their choice between vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, or chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  The bottom layer of the castle cake was vanilla and the top layer was chocolate.  Between all the layers of the castle cake was chocolate frosting.  The Rapunzel cake was just vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the cakes.
Then it was time for presents.  Grace received all kinds of wonderful gifts from her friends.  But the sweetest thing was hearing Grace say, "Of course I will share my presents with you!"  We had a wonderful time at her birthday party this year.  The best thing, in my opinion, was letting the Little Gym set up, decorate, entertain all the kids, and then do all the cleaning up.  All I had to do was show up with Grace, the cake, and a few snack foods for everyone.  What an easy birthday party!  And Grace absolutely loved having all her school friends celebrate her 4th birthday with her.

Grace's birthday cakes

After the festival, I finished Grace's birthday cakes.
Grace and her Daddy cleaned my beaters for me.
Grace absolutely loved her two birthday cakes.
I made a pink and purple castle and a Rapunzel cake.
Those cakes may have been a lot of work, but the look on Grace's face when she saw them made every minute worth it.

Grace dances at the Jubilee Festival

Today Queenie and Seth came with us to the Jubilee Festival downtown.
Grace was performing at the opening ceremony with her dance class.
She danced ballet.
And sang along with the music.  That was a little something, something extra for us.
Don't you love her plies? 
Grace is very focused when she dances.  Ballet is her favorite.
She also tap danced at the festival.
My baby gets her moves from her Momma. 
But she did an amazing job.
And even bowed at the very end.  Here's a darling video of Grace dancing.

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