Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grace's 4 year checkup

Today Grace went to her 4 year checkup.
She is really growing into a beautiful little girl.  She's still tall and skinny.  Grace weighs 39 pounds (50%) and is 42 inches tall (90%).  She's also a very brave little girl.  I opted for her to receive her booster vaccinations so she received 4 shots today.  The nurse told her to lay on the table and told me to hold her down.  Those shots really looked like they hurt but Grace didn't cry or move a bit.  She winced as she got the last one and only said, "That really hurts.  I don't like shots!"  I can't blame her.  I don't like them either.  But she got a lollipop and we went out for ice cream afterwards.  And now Grace doesn't need any more shots until she's 10.

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