Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gulf Coast Zoo

Today we went to the Gulf Coast Zoo.
This was our first visit ever to this particular zoo.  Somewhat intimidating.  At least at first.
But then we got to see the baby kangaroos.
And those joeys won our hearts over.
Even Faith was excited to see them hop around.
And would you believe that one hopped right into a bag for Grace to hold!?
He looked at Grace looking at him, and then put his paw around Grace's neck.
Grace responded with, "I think he likes me!"  She was correct.
Then Grace brought Faith over to pet another joey.
Those kangaroos are surprisingly soft creatures.  But they are fast.  Very fast.
And tall, too.  This one is only 9 months old and he's almost as big as my 3 year old.
Then we checked out the cats.  We were amzingly close to them.
We saw lions and lionesses.
And tigers.
They saw us, too.  But just yawned at us.  My what big teeth they have!
Faith leaned in for a closer look.
Then we petted some goats.
And deer.
We spotted some birds.
Some of those lovebirds were kissing.
There were plenty of mommas watching their babies, too.
And little bunnies hopping all over the place.
I particularly liked this big tortoise.  He may have been big and slow, but he was determined to come by and say hello.  Even if it did take him a solid 15 minutes to get to us.
The smaller ones seem to be faster. This one made the trek in  half the time.
The monkeys were cute, too.
After a couple of hours it was time to head home.  Even the merry-go-round wasn't enough to keep Faith happy.  But we will come visit again sometime soon.  I bought a family pass afterall.

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