Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're driving to Alabama!

We're doing it, we're actually driving down to Alabama. Somewhat impromptu of a trip, I'll admit, but thankfully my baby sister flew down to help. Not long after being on the road, we crossed into Iowa.Then for the next several hundred miles all we saw were cornfields passing by in a big blur.
Then came Missouri, the Show Me Statewhere we saw this sign with no road construction or workers. Did they mean cornfield workers, perhaps?Then we saw these great big windmills.Are we there yet? Not quite.Kansas City offered some traffic issues. The first traffic we'd seen in a while. Funny how traffic gets backed up for miles and miles and then it just starts to flow again without any visible reason for the slowing down...And we passed over the Missouri River for the third time I believe.Finally we stopped at a Drury Inn for the evening in St LouisHere's our room with double beds and a flat screen tv.This is the hallway we walked down - aren't the arches lovely?Did I mention it used to be a train depot? Very cool indeed.And a FABULOUS breakfast the next morning. I can still taste those waffles. Yum!On our way out we saw the ArchAnd saw it again from the bridge as we crossed into IllinoisBefore we left Illinois, we had to make a small detour to see Superman. Can you feel the anticipation?
There it is - a big statue of Superman...just as advertised
Next it was on to Kentucky. We weren't in Kentucky for long - Grace slept through the whole state. So did Chloe now that I think about it.

And then into Tennessee - we were getting so close to our new home I could smell the heat and taste the humidity.

Funny how the signs changed as soon as we got into the "deep South"
And after two long days in the car packed with belongings to the ceiling and fully loaded down with our dog, an impatient toddler, and a wornout Mommy and Aunt, we finally made it to Sweet Home Alabama. Finally.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Toddler Talk - June 2009


Help me.

I need more!

No! Out Side!

I mish ewe. (I miss you)

It's mine!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're moving...finally

Since I listed the house with an agent, I've decided there's no need in me and Grace staying in Omaha any longer......SO.....we're moving. Finally.
I have a few loose ends to wrap up like hiring a yard guy and maybe a maid and telling my husband.
But then we are going go to be on the road. I'm thinking of pulling out on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for a speedy and safe trip!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Listed with an agent

We finally did it. We listed with an agent.
We've got the lockbox and everything.

Rich came over to the house today for about an hour while we discussed the specifics and finalized the paperwork. Who knew there was so much paperwork before the house even sells?
While we were in deep discussion at the kitchen table, Grace was being so good! She sat her desk and colored...

her face. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

House Hunting Blues

It's official. I am tired of house hunting. It's exhausting. And overwhelming. And too difficult to choose just ONE place. Maybe that's because we haven't found "the one" yet. There's been many - more than I care to count - that we like. And one that I love, but that one is way out of our price range - at least until our house sells. Speaking of which, why do real estate agents always do that? You tell them your price range and it never fails that they still show you houses at least 10% if not 20% higher. Ugh!

And in this uncertain economy, there are just too many unknowns for us. Should we buy? Or should we rent? If we decide to buy, do we purchase a nice house comparable to what we have now? If so, we have to wait until our house sells. Or we do buy something smaller like a condo?But do we really want to take the risk of the housing market plummeting even further? Not to mention that interest rates are on the rise again! And why is that? I was under the impression that the Treasury was still lending banks money at like .25% so why are the current mortgage rates between 5% and 5.5%???

Argh! So many questions! The one thing that is certain is that I miss my husband. I'm ready for our family to be back together. This living 1200 miles apart is tough on us all and seeing David for a week to 10 days at a time isn't enough. We miss him.

Maybe our house will sell soon. It would take a big burden off all of our shoulders if it did. However, we contacted the two couples that made previous offers and they have moved on to other houses. And then I had another open house Sunday and no one, not one single person came by. How depressing!

Maybe the solution is to list our house with an agent and just take a leap of faith and move down to be with David. Leave all our funiture and rent something furnished until the house sells. Or buy a small condo and move in. Or buy a condo and move in without our furniture and leave it to stage our house. Questions, questions, questions. And still no definitive answer. Yet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wharf of Wonder

After spending a relaxing weekend at the beach, we headed back to Mobile. We met up with Aaron and his girlfriend, Bobbi, and her son, Keegan. We decided to spend the afternoon at the Mobile Exploreum because it was too hot to do anything outside. Grace and Keegan had a lot of fun at the Wharf of Wonder. They took turns navigating the ship and catching fish. Grace and Keegan definitely hit it off. They were best buds by the time we left.We had so much fun with Aaron and his family and can't wait to see them again!
And we are definitely going to purchase a family pass for the Exploreum so Grace has a fun place to play indoors during the hot, hot summer days. Something other than Chickfila that is, because those milkshakes are going to by hips at extraordinary speeds.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family snapshots at the beach

Adults, don't try this at home...or at the beach

Skinboarding. It looks so easy. Especially if you know the person who's doing it.Like my little brother, Seth. Even Grace thought it was pretty simple.Her Uncle Seth helped her and away she went.
She was so confident in her abilities after her lesson, she practiced on her sand sifter so next time she could go at it alone.So I thought, why not?
Seth can do it and even Grace can do it (with some help).
So what did I do?
I did the stupid - I tried skinboarding.
You might ask what happened.
I ate sand.
Lots and lots of sand.
And I fell so hard I thought I broke my leg.
I remember thinking mid-flight "This is going to really hurt."
And then once I hit I thought "Yep, this really hurts. I wonder if I broke my leg."
I sat there in the sand staring at the ocean for a full 60 seconds taking inventory before I was brave enough to look.
And this is what I saw...

My leg. Bleeding. And swollen. And already turning purple.
It was such a bad fall that Grace came running over yelling "Mommy, Mommy!" but all anyone else did was laugh.
BUT that's not the worst part.
It was all caught on video by my dear husband.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grace rides a SEA TURTLE!

What should we do with a Papaw lying in the sand? Hmmmm...Lets cover him up with lots and lots of sand
We'll give him arms and legs and a big shell And turn him into a SEA TURTLE!
Grace climbs on top for a ride

Is he still breathing?
Grace checks just to make sure.Then he crawls out of his shell

And swims back into the sea.
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