Saturday, June 29, 2013

Exploreum again

Today we all went to the Exploreum.  It's such a fun way to beat the summer heat.
We spent most of our time in the Hands On Hall.
We made pinwheels.
And blew them with the fan.
We played in the wind tunnel.
Then we headed back to the Wharf of Wonder.
Faith climbed aboard the ship.
While Benjamin went swimming in the sea.
Then Faith found her "fayv-wit fiss" (favorite fish).
And she rescued them one at a time from the fish market and returned them to the sea.
Then Benjamin wanted to go down the slide.
So Faith showed him how.
And he figured it out, kind of.
All in all, it was another fantastic day.

A stroll through a squirrelly park

We were in Mobile today so we took a stroll through downtown.
And through Memorial park.
It's quite lovely.
And filled with squirrels.
A kind woman gave us a few peanuts to feed them.
And those squirrels were not leaving without taking every single peanut.  They were quite fearless and very determined.  And we thoroughly enjoyed them.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Now

As a special treat we took the children to Krispy Kreme.
The Hot Now sign was flashing and Grace and Faith were fascinated with the donut making process.
Grace put on a hat.
And so did Faith.
Benjamin just wanted to eat.
He quickly developed a sugar high.
As did Grace.
But not Faith.  She only ate a small bite.  She's not much of a sweets kind of girl.
Then we said goodbye to the donuts until next time.

Ball Park

I took the kids to visit Hope and Seth since Hope is moving to Augusta and Seth is enlisting in the Marines.
While visiting we were able to see Seth play in a softball tournament.
It was quite entertaining watching him run.
And hit the balls.
Benjamin was enthralled and clapped his hands with everyone else.
Grace wanted to sit up high for a better view.
Faith didn't want to climb that high because she didn't want to fall.
Then Grace and Faith found a mud puddle by the fence to play in.
They pranced around and played like little ladies.
Until a softball came through the fence and splashed their dresses.  They were not happy about that ball getting mud on their dresses.
So they headed to the grass between fields for safety.
And they each stumbled upon foul balls.
It was fun chasing after them.
And even more fun hanging out with Seth and Hope.
So much fun that it was actually quite exhausting.  But we hope to do it again soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today all three kids had an appointment at the dentist.
First thing, they each wanted to look at the Nemo fish.
Then Grace steered her ship away from stormy weather
While Benjamin and Faith rescued some lobster.
Then the girls played Tetris.
And Benjamin tried to play PacMan.
Before we knew it, it was time for their cleanings.  Faith went first and was a little frightened.
But she warmed up quickly after finding out she could pick out a prize from their vault.
Grace was excited to get her teeth cleaned.  Finally, it was Benjamin's turn but he had to sit in my lap so no pictures of him.
And no cavities for any of the kids so they each selected a small toy as their prize.  We love our dentist.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We decided to finger paint today.
It was Benjamin's first time.
He thought it was food.
And when he realized it wasn't
He decided that finger painting was not something he was interested in.
Don't get me wrong, Benjamin loves being dirty.
And he enjoys making messes.
But all he wanted was to explore and eat a snack.
Grace, however, was very diligent with her painting.
She insisted on a paintbrush so she could paint a picture of our yard.
What a lovely masterpiece.  She has a pink fence since we didn't have brown paint, a blue sky, and green trees. 
Faith was quite detailed in her artwork as well.  She kept saying, "I'm not finished" until she covered every bit of her canvas.
I must say I adore her abstract work.
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