Friday, June 28, 2013

Ball Park

I took the kids to visit Hope and Seth since Hope is moving to Augusta and Seth is enlisting in the Marines.
While visiting we were able to see Seth play in a softball tournament.
It was quite entertaining watching him run.
And hit the balls.
Benjamin was enthralled and clapped his hands with everyone else.
Grace wanted to sit up high for a better view.
Faith didn't want to climb that high because she didn't want to fall.
Then Grace and Faith found a mud puddle by the fence to play in.
They pranced around and played like little ladies.
Until a softball came through the fence and splashed their dresses.  They were not happy about that ball getting mud on their dresses.
So they headed to the grass between fields for safety.
And they each stumbled upon foul balls.
It was fun chasing after them.
And even more fun hanging out with Seth and Hope.
So much fun that it was actually quite exhausting.  But we hope to do it again soon.

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