Sunday, November 28, 2010

Super sun set

It was gorgeous outside.  The water was as smooth as glass.
We just couldn't resist the pier today.  Who knows how many warm days we have left.  It is November, after all.
The girls were so excited to go outside.
Grace especially.  Faith just goes with the flow.
I love how the sun highlights the clouds.
Does a view really get any better?
I had to swap out my lenses after seeing the birds land on the posts.
It's a bald pelican!  They should make it our state bird...

I just love my new lens!
Eleven birds on one log.  Count 'em.
Hey sweet darling!
Faith stayed to watch the sunset with me while her big sister Grace went inside for a snack.
I know you think she's smiling at me, the camera, or the sunset, but she wasn't.
She was gawking at these birds.  Every so often a few hundred would fly over us chirping away.  They must be migrating or something.
The sunset was pretty.
Quite gorgeous.
Our sunsets are always beautiful.
And I appreciate and enjoy each one.
I never tire of them.
Or the wildlife.
Which is in abudance.
I have no idea what type of bird they are, but they were everywhere.
Just another one of the perks of living here on the bay.
We love it.

Faith eats cereal

Faith got to eat her first meal today.
She waited in eager anticipation for it.
She really likes her new high chair.  A lady from Target saw me about to buy one that straps into your dining room chair and she came up to me and offered me this one for free.  How amazing and sweet is that?
So Faith ate her first solid food - rice cereal.  Yum.
Faith wasn't quite sure what that spoon was doing.
But she likes to chew on things.
Here's her first bite.
She's thinking about it...
And likes it so much that she decides to take over!
Don't take it away from me, Daddy!  I need more!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chloe gets a bone

We felt somewhat bad for Chloe since she didn't get any turkey (that we know of) at Thanksgiving.
So we offered her the ham bone from my bean soup.
She really liked it.
She gnawed on it for hours and then whined to bring it inside.  We love Chloe and wanted her to have something to be thankful for this year.  Something besides us for her family, of course.  But as much as I love her, there was no way that bone was coming in our house.  I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hair do? or don't?

While at Queenie's house for Thanksgiving I stumbled upon these curly wigs.  I put one on and walked out to see Grace.  I thought it would scare her, but instead her response surprised me. 

She said, "Oh, Momma!  You haff turly hair dust like me!  You look bew-ful.  Dust like me!" 
(Oh, Momma!  You have curly hair just like me!  You look beautiful!  Just like me!)
Then David put the green wig on and she liked it, too!
Then we put my wig on Grace and she loved it!
She kept looking in the mirror at her "long, turly hair.  It's so long!"  (long, curly hair.  It's so long!)
She really wants long hair.  It's hard to believe that her hair is halfway down her back when it's wet.  But when it's dry it just curls right up to her head.  You can't tell which end is growing out; it's so curly.  I love her hair.
And I'm glad to see that she's starting to want to keep it curly.  For the longest time she kept saying she wanted it "scrait!" (straight).
Faith didn't like Queenie with green curly hair.
But Grace liked everyone's hair so much she wanted to take a picture of us.
She's quite talented with the camera.
She gets pictures from interesting and very different angles.
She would wind it up and snap picture after picture.  Just like it's supposed to be used.  Too bad we didn't have any film for it.  I would love to see how her pictures turned out.  And see things from her perspective.  Grace kept looking at the back of the camera to review her photos, but this camera doesn't have an LCD screen.  It's my dad's old 35mm Pentax from 30 years ago.  Regardless though, Grace looks like a professional photographer.  And she's only 3...
Maybe she will be a photographer when she grows up.  My little curly haired photographer. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Faith's 4 month checkup

Today Faith had her 4 month checkup.
She weighed 13 pounds 2 ounces. 
Once again she is in the 90th percentile for her height and 50th percentile for her weight.
She also received 2 shots.  Grace tried to prepare her.
Grace kept telling Faith it was going to be okay.  I'm glad Faith doesn't understand her yet.  Otherwise she might not be so happy while at the doctor's office.  Her next checkup is in 2 months.
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