Friday, December 31, 2010

Our family Christmas

Santa came a little late to our house this year.
Because we were in Charlotte for Christmas this year.
Grace got a new bicycle.  It met all of her requirements - it's pink.  And princess-y.  And it's a bike.  Her new ride also has streamers, a bell, and a doll carrier.  And the little foot pedals are shaped like flower petals!  How adorable is that?
Faith got a new ride, too.
And on our improvised Christmas morning, Faith woke up before Grace.  As usual.
Faith really likes her new riding toy.
She likes it a lot.  Can't you tell?
Then Grace woke up.
And she was so surprised to see her bike.  She said, "It's my bike!  San-tuh brought me my bike!"  (It's my bike!  Santa brought me my bike!)  Her excitement just melted my heart. 

David and I had actually taken Grace to Walmart a while back and let her try out all the different bikes they had.  I'm sure Walmart really appreciated her riding 5 different bikes all over their store, but how else were we to decide which bike was the best fit?  Anyway, this was the one that Grace really liked.  In fact, we had a hard time getting her out of the store without it.  So David snuck out and bought it, then loaded it and hid it in the back of our SUV while I distracted her with other toys in the store.
Grace immediately wanted to ride her new princess bike.
As soon as she hopped on she noticed her "dolly" wasn't riding in her carrier. And she needed her dolly!
So Grace ran to her room to find her and then came back to talk to Faith.
After a few minutes we pointed out the other presents to Grace.
Then she helped Faith open up the rest of their gifts.
Grace was really excited about her fairy friends - especially Tinkerbell.
Faith got some more presents, too.
She adored this little quacking duck. 
It also sings the ABCs.
And they also received a little remote controlled lady bug.  Faith squealed with delight and tried to follow it.
Grace loved working the remote control.  She's going to be a little control freak just like her Momma.
It's a really cute toy.  It lights up, plays music, and walks wherever you tell it to go.
Then Grace was kind enough to let Faith try out her new bicycle.
I think Faith has a few years before she'll be big enough.  Like Grace says, "Baits just a baby!" (Faith's just a baby!)  This was our best Christmas yet.  It's not about the presents but the memories and love we share as a family...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth...

 Good morning, Momma!
 I have a surprise for you!
 Do you see it?
It's my first tooth! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Arctic Express

A family tradition that we enjoy each year is riding the Arctic Express in Silverhill, Alabama.
It's always a lot of fun seeing the Christmas decorations and the multitude of lights.
When we arrived we saw Santa and his hot air balloon.  Didn't you know Santa uses a hot air balloon as a backup for when Rudolph gets sick?
We decided to explore a bit before getting in line for the train ride.  Santa's elves worked hard this year making all those crafts!
There was a petting zoo this year. 
With all kinds of friendly animals.
The lambs really liked Grace.
She liked them, too.
She talked to them and told them she was going to ride the train and see "Sanduh Caws" (Santa Claus).
Then she pet them.
And fed them.
She didn't want to leave them.
Until she found out about the pig.  She kept calling him "Will-her" (Wilber) and asking for (Sar-lutt) Charlotte. 
Then it was time to get in line for the train ride.  The line was growing quickly!
There's Faith all bundled up with her daddy.
We listened to the Christmas carolers while in line.
Then Grace spotted this blown up Rudolph.
And I picked her up to get a closer look.
I wish I'd remembered the mail box for Santa.  I've got to remember that for next year.
Soon the train arrived and we climbed aboard.
There were lights everywhere but hard to get a good picture of.
If I used the flash nothing shows up but dark sky.
Without the flash I get a blur of motion.
Motion from riding the train of course.  Grace really enjoyed the train ride.
Then we stopped at the halfway point and got off.  Grace was ready to see Santa!
She climbed on David's shoulders to get a better look.
But when we finally got to see Santa, she acted a little bashful.
Santa gave Grace and Faith a handcarved train to decorate.
David helped the girls color and put stickers on them.  We still have Grace's train from last year.
Then we went outside to see the nativity.
And we took a picture by the sign reminding us the real reason for Christmas.
Then we climbed back on board the train to head back to the main station.
When we got back, we let Grace ride on a pony.
She picked this pony who's name was Suzy.  Grace loved Suzy and didn't want to get off!
Faith was worn out from all the excitement so we headed home until next year.
Good will to y'all and see you next year!
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