Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flea market finds: Cast iron

I went to a flea market this weekend.
 And found this! 

 It's an old, old cast iron kettle.  Even the handle is cast iron.
 I also found this 2 quart pot with lid.
See?  It says it's a stew pot.  And I got them for the bargain price of FOUR DOLLARS!  I love them!  Both most likely need to be re-seasoned since there are a few spots that look like they may be starting to rust, but that won't be too difficult.

Besides, when I saw that old cast iron kettle and stew pot collecting dust on a lonely old shelf, my imagination starting to run away with me.  I could just envision some battle-worn Confederate soldiers during the Civil War boiling up a rabbit they caught in a snare and turning it into a simple stew over a dwindling campfire.  I can see them making small talk, perhaps playing the harmonica or a small fiddle, each man in his own way enjoying the comraderie of a small troupe of men while uncertain and anxious about what the morning may bring.  That kettle caught my imagination and brought to mind images of a time long past. 

I realize that it is very unlikely these cast iron pieces are actually from the Civil War era, but it sure is fun to pretend.  And the dear lady I got these from, told me they were her grandmother's and she simply didn't have any use for them any longer.  And in fact, she has quite a bit more if I was interested.  I assured her I was very interested and I will be back this weekend.  I wonder what small treasures I will find next?

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