Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby shower gifts

A lady in my parent's church is expecting her first child, a girl.  So I made a few items for her.
The first things I made were burp cloths.  I received quite a few of them myself when I had Grace and I still use them today - more than 3 years later.  My children were like raising yogurt factories.  They spit up.  A lot.  Burp cloths were (and still are) a necessity.
 Here's a closer shot of them.  I have to admit that I was quite pleased with the way they turned out. 
I also made this charming little bib.  You can never have too many of them.  I traced our favorite bib for my pattern.  It's longer and a little wider than most bibs giving real coverage for baby's clothes!  I've never understood why most bibs are so short and just cover the neck of the baby.  Maybe other babies don't drop food in their laps or make messes like my kiddos...
 I also couldn't resist making a floral headband.  I used these same roses in the floral bouquets for the shower.  Just a tid bit of sentimentality on my part.
And who can resist a bright pink flower around a pretty baby's head?  I know I certainly can't.  Faith came home from the hospital wearing one very similar.  I used a pretty button to attach this pink frilly flower to the stretchy headband. 
And here's Amy's gift basket from my mom.  We also included a pretty pink ruffled bathing suit, some baby sunscreen, and Baby Magic wash and lotion.  There's nothing that smells better than a freshly washed baby covered with Baby Magic lotion.  

Congratulations Amy on your new blessing.  We hope that you have a fast and easy delivery and we welcome you to the joys of parenthood.  You will be a wonderful mother and we couldn't be happier or more excited for you. 

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