Thursday, August 15, 2013

Professional Pictures Take 2

After Benjamin took his nap we returned to the photography shop.
But Benjamin was in no better frame of mind.
He decided that he did not like the photographer or having his picture made.
No matter how we posed the children he simply would not cooperate.
I finally convinced the photographer to just take the picture.   I don't care if he's smiling.
We took a quick break and got a couple of shots with just Grace and Faith.
They are best friends, you know.
Then I dumped Benjamin back into the photo.
And he tried to run away.
He was quite petrified of that photographer I think.
Grace smiled beautifully.
And showed her sweet spirit.
As did Faith.
And then we got to see more of their personalities.
After the photographer convinced me to hide under a sheet and hold Benjamin under the guise of photoshopping me out.  This was her idea of getting Benjamin to smile.  She assured me she would make me disappear.  Faith thought it was quite hilarious.
And Benjamin did finally smile.
But this was the best the photographer could do to make me disappear...  
After 20 minutes of saying "no" to $999 and $599 portrait packages I left with just one pose of all three children to hang on our wall.  And I must admit that I sincerely love it.  It shows each of my children's personalities exactly as they are.  Grace is such a sweet little girl who wants to make everyone happy.  Faith finds joy in the most mundane things and is able to light up the room with her laugh.  And Benjamin is already so strong willed and determined.  He doesn't care a bit what anyone thinks.  And while today was extremely stressful I am so thankful to finally have this photograph of my children and their personalities while they are at the ages of one, three, and five.

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