Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nursery revamped

This is what our nursery, Faith's room, used to look like.
While David was in Omaha, I decided to make a few changes.
This is what it looks like now. Now it's Faith and Grace's room! While David was in Omaha, I went to Monroeville with the girls and got this bunk bed and put it together.  I was able to keep my glider by putting it between the bunk bed and the crib.   Where is the crib you ask?
In the closet!  It fits there beautifully since I took the closet doors off and put them in our attic.
I even managed to keep the bookcase in the room.  I put our small tv and dvd player on top of the bookcase so Grace can still watch movies in bed.  Sometimes that's the only way I can get her to rest when she's really tired.  The bookcase is filled with fabric bins that used to hold extra crib sheets and pump accessories, baby towels, etc.  Now it holds all my fabric and sewing supplies.  I have some smaller baskets for our extra sheets and blankets under the bed.  Where is the dresser you wonder?
Right as you walk into the girls' room.  There's a funny wall right inside the door that is just the right width to hold the dresser.  It's also where my pregnancy pictures are hanging.  I've already decided I need to repaint that dresser black to better match the picture frames.  It's added to my to-do list.
All in all, I'm quite pleased with the results.  That bedroom is so tiny but it works.  And in case you're wondering why I did all this, it's really quite simple.  Grace has been waking up in the middle of the night scared.  She's been saying she's scared of her big bed (she was sleeping in a king).  And she wanted to sleep in the crib with Faith or in the bed with us. 

It was becoming a nightly ritual where Grace would wake up, climb up the stairs to our room, and wake us up.  Then I would carry her back downstairs to her room and hold her until she fell back asleep before going back to bed myself.  Needless to say, it was exhausting.  Besides, we eventually thought the girls would enjoy sharing a room.  What better way to do that than bunk beds?  So far, Grace loves it!  And before you ask, she's sleeping in the top bunk.  She says she loves her little bed up high.  And I'm so glad she does.
My future plans for the girls room include making a quilt for the bottom bunk.  Grace has a beautiful pink quilt that her Nanna had made for her when she was born that we're using on the top bunk.  It's the perfect size.  Then I plan to make some pillow covers for the three big pillows on the bottom bunk.  Currently, they're blue.  I want them either white or pink.. And recover my glider and add a thicker seat cushion.  Then I need to paint the dresser black.  And finally, I think I want to hang some tissue flower balls from the ceiling.  I have a lot left to do, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful and useful!  Besides, I love all my projects around the house.

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