Thursday, January 10, 2013

There's a bird at Queenie's house

Queenie has a new attraction at her house.
It's a BIRD!  My girls really love birds.  They always have.  "Bur!" (Bird!) was one of Faith's first words.  After seeing the bird, Grace decided she really wanted that bird to sit on her shoulder.
So she dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood trying to entice it.  But her costume didn't work.
So I picked that bird up and almost lost a finger but I managed to successfully place it on Grace's lap.   And that silly bird started walking right up to her shoulder.  Then Grace wanted it off.  Meanwhile, Faith said she wanted to hold the bird, too.  So I set her on the bed then almost lost another finger picking bird up again.
As soon as I put bird on Faith's lap, she catapulted her body backwards screeching like a banshee yelling "Off!  OFF!"  Apparently she changed her mind about wanting to hold bird.  Poor thing.  Lesson learned:  Faith has always loved birds but she loves them best from  a distance.

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