Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blakeley State Park

Today we took the girls, Chloe included, to Blakeley State Park.
And we had a grand time exploring the old Civil War battleground.  Just a bit of background:  The Town of Blakeley is one of the oldest in the state of Alabama and Fort Blakeley was the site of the last major battle in the Civil War.  Not much remains of Blakeley's past except for a few mounds and an old cemetary.  Nature has reclaimed her. 
But the grounds at Blakeley are simply beautiful.  We stumbled upon this old oak tree and spent most of our afternoon near it.
I put both girls on a low branch.
And David swung the girls round and round in circles.
Until they just couldn't be swung any longer.
Then he tossed them in the air as they squealed with delight.
After a dozen or so times, his arms finally started to give out.
So he held our girls back in the tree and rested his arms.
And there we discovered this little bug.  I have no idea what kind of bug he is, but he has a heart on his back! Isn't it adorable.  For a bug that is.

We had an exceptionally nice day today and I can't wait to go back to Blakeley State Park again sometime soon.  Weather permitting, I hope we can camp out next time.  And ride our mountain bikes.  And make smores.  But we'll be sure to pack all food away before dark.  Blakeley has the largest black bear population in the state after all - and you know bears love marshmallows!.

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