Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat!

Tonight was Halloween.  Meaning it was time to trick-or-treat.
Grace and I tried to practice with Faith today but she just looked at us like we were crazy.
We dressed Faith as a fairy while Grace wanted to be a pink princess.
And then we were off!
When we arrived at the first home, Grace knocked on the door while Faith just observed.
After the kind lady gave both of them candy, Faith realized the potential and turned her heartbreaking smile on.  And got extra candy from that dear lady.
And Faith was ready to hit the next house.  And the next.  And many more after that.  In fact, by the third house Faith was running up to the doorstep and banging on doors while saying "Teez! (Cheese!)"  before Grace could even ring the doorbell. 
Faith may not have understood exactly what was going on but she knew she was getting candy and that certainly excited her.  Both Faith and Grace made out like bandits tonight especially considering we only trick-or-treated one street.  After we got home, Grace said so sweetly "I had so much fun trick or treat tonight.  Can we do it again tomorrow?"

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