Thursday, November 3, 2011

Her head was stuck

As you know both of my girls now sleep in bunk beds.  Grace on top.  Faith on bottom.
Hoping to prevent them from falling out of bed, we put up side bed rails.  And I went a bit further by putting a bookcase right next to the bed leaving only a small area by the ladder left open for Faith to climb in and out.
I thought that I was making her bed safer for her.  At 3am this morning, I found out otherwise. I woke up to Faith screaming like she was hurt.  I rushed down the stairs with my hands sweating and my heart racing only to find her lying partly on the floor.  Faith had fallen out of her bed and landed halfway to the floor with her head facing up and solidly wedged between the bookcase and bed frame.
In fact, she was so stuck I couldn't get her out.  The more I tried the more Faith screamed.  Rather than panic, I took the logical approach.  I yelled for David.  Needless to say, he came running downstairs half asleep thinking we were about to make a trip to the emergency room.  As soon as he arrived, we pushed the bookcase away from Faith's head while David pulled her out.  After Faith was free, she clung to us until she fell back to sleep just moments later.  And somehow, through it all, Grace managed to sleep peacefully just like a little angel.  I, however, did not. 

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