Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making hairbow holders

Faith's hair is constantly in her eyes and I can never find something to hold her hair out of her face.  Mainly due to the fact that she hates wearing bows.  But that's another issue.  So today I decided to make hairbow holders for both girls so I can keep up with a growing supply of hairbows.
First I let the girls pick out any color they wanted.  They both wanted hot pick, of course.
Then I let them each paint a wooden letter for their first names.
This was another very messy adventure that probably should have been done outdoors.
Grace is a bit more meticulous than her little sister.
After the letters were covered in paint we added hot pink glitter.  My girls like pink and sparkles.
Here is Faith's "F."
And Grace's "G."
Do you see my countertops?
They were covered in paint, too.
So was the floor.
But I have good helpers and they helped me clean up our mess until everything was as good as new.  Now all we have to do is glue some ribbon to the letters and hang them on the wall.  We'll have to wait until they dry first, of course.

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