Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Piggy tails

My girls have a lot in common with each other.
 But they are also quite different.  Take their hair for example.  Grace's hair is so curly I can't tell which end is growing out of her head.  Surprisingly enough it's halfway down her back now when its sopping wet.  But as soon as it dries it curls right back up next to her scalp.  Faith's hair, on the other hand, is as straight as can be and constantly stays in her face.  I've tried everything:  gel, helmet head hairspray, you name it, but her hair still falls down in her eyes.  So we've taken to using hairbows.  Which is a challenge in of itself since Faith likes to pull them out.
 Recently, I've tried piggytails in Faith's hair.  And I must admit that I love this look on her.
 And thankfully, Faith seems to tolerate it.  At least for a few minutes at a time.
 Of course, Grace didn't want to be left out.
So now both my girls are wearing piggytails.  At least until they pull them out again.

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