Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fairhope beach

This time of year here is absolutely gorgeous.
The weather is cool and flowers are blooming.
And it's perfect for going to the beach.
So that's what we did today.  Notice Faith sitting in her chair?  It took me over an hour to convince her to get down.  That girl does not like sand on her feet.
Grace, on the other hand, was right in her element.
And would have buried herself all the way to her neck if she could manage it.
Finally, Faith braved the sand and had some fun with her shovel.
And chasing the seagulls.  She really loves birds.
Meanwhile, Grace had a blast rolling down the hill.
She was covered in sand from head to toe.  It will take me weeks to get all that sand out of her hair.  The curls just seem to trap it in no matter how much we wash and scrub at it.  I have found that if I use the hose attachment to the vacuum cleaner, that will get about 90% of it.  And give her clown head.

We had a wonderful time in the sand.
And as we headed back to our car, the ducks and geese stopped by to say hello.
Grace was polite and offered a good day to them as well.
Then we headed home.  I really treasure these last few days with just my girls.  It won't be much longer before we have a little boy in the mix and I imagine these afternoon trips will become increasingly more difficult.

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