Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun at the library

Our local library hosted a Book Bash today.
There was face painting. 
And in our case, hand painting.
Balloon animals.
Prizes and hotdogs.
We saw the Easter Bunny.
Who terrified Faith.
Then Grace pretend fished for a goody bag.
And so did Faith.  Except she thought she was really fishing.  When something tugged on her line, she whipped that pole back out of the water, and whacked some poor lady behind her in the head.  I guess these volunteers didn't realize that my babies take fishing seriously!
After a while we went outside and played for a bit.
Faith tried jumping through the hoops instead of twirling them around.
And we finally finished the day by cooling down with some nice cold slushies.  What an awesome afternoon!

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