Friday, June 8, 2012

The beauty of nature

Our yard is bursting with color.  Which is amazing considering how long it's been since it's received any love and nurture from a homeowner.  After taking 6 months for us to close on our foreclosure, I can assure you that the bank did not weed or feed or even cut the grass once.  So while we have a lot, and I mean A LOT of gardening work ahead of us, I am stopping to smell the roses so to speak, and appreciate the beauty of God's creation.
 Our front yard is bursting with red knockout roses.
Yellow ones, too.
And I planted some pink hydrangeas where we chopped down a dead pine tree.
 Our back fence and gate is covered with sweet scented jasmine.
My how that jasmine smells wonderful!  Every breeze carries it across the yard.  It's heavenly.
And we have these bursting with color.
 I recently discovered they are crinum lillies and they are stunning.
 I'm not sure what this little guy is.
 Or this either.
 But I do know that this is a canna lily.
And they are proliferating around one side of our pool.  I'm going to transplant some to the other side and keep my fingers crossed that they'll take...
Even though our yard has been neglected for quite some time, I am eager to show it some love.  I can hardly wait to see how well she does next year after receiving some much needed tender loving care...

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  1. We call the crinum lillies "Seven Sisters" as in The Seven nuns. The white flower looks sort of like a bagonia, and the purple looks like Monkey grass.


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