Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding day dress up

Already I can tell that Grace is going to be a hopeless romantic as she grows up.  Today we were cleaning out our hall closet and moving stuff to a better home when Grace saw my wedding dress.  And she thought it looked just like a real princess dress.  And she asked very sweetly if she could try it on.  And of couse I let her.
 So we put it on her.
 And she turned very slowly all the way around.
 She already talks about getting married.
 She says, "I'm gonna marry Jack when I grow up."   Jack is a very sweet little boy that Grace has been head over heels for since preschool.  They go to the same school now but aren't in the same class.  Occasionally they see one anothe and Grace gets excited and tells me all about.  Ending by saying she's going to marry him one day.
 And today Grace told me that when she gets married she wants to wear my dress.
One thing's for sure.  Raising your own princess beats any fairytale.

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