Saturday, July 21, 2012

Faith turns 2

Today we celebrated Faith's 2nd birthday.
It's hard to believe that she's already turning two years old.
Where ahs the time gone?
She wanted a "pin-sess tassle" (princess castle) cake.
So I made both.
When she thought I wasn't looking she sneaked a tiny sample.
She pulled a turret off.
And she devoured it.
Then she invited Grace over for a sample.
Then it was time to blow out the candles.
We are little firebugs here.
So we blow out candles time and time again.
Then we ate cake.
And ice cream.
Don't you love our tiny little cones?  They are perfect kiddo serving sizes.
Besides our immediate family, Queenie, Hope, and Seth joined in the festivities.
And then it was time for presents.
That's always a favorite time.
Faith got a bubble blowing "BUGH!" (bug!)  She's mildly obsessed with bugs.  If she sees even the tiny fruit fly she points and yells "BUGH!" (bug!) until someone comes and makes it go away.  It's quite hilarious actually.  I took her and Benjamin to Sam's the other day and we split a hot dog at the snack bar when Faith saw a fly at the next table.  So, of course, she stands on her seat and yells "BUGH!" so loudly that people checking out start looking to see what sort of bug could cause that sort of commotion.  Only to see the little lonely housefly puttering around the tables.  Of course Faith continued to point and yell until a nice gentleman walked over and shooed it away...  Ah, the joys of grocery shopping...
Anyway, Faith also received "pin-sess sues" (princess shoes) which she wore the remainder of the evening.  She's pretty much obsessed with shoes, too.  And has been since she could crawl...
She also received a 3 seater teeter totter from her Queenie and Grandaddy.  My kids will love that for sure.
After changing into a real princess dress, it was time to break the pinata.
I must say those pinatas are extremely well made.  
It took David knocking it around before we ever got any candy out.
My baby girl is really growing up into a beautiful little lady.
And one thing is for certain raising a little prince charming and two beautiful princesses beats any fairytale.

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