Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden faries are terrifed of... CAT

Grace and Faith played in the garden next to Queenie's house.
And they dressed as little fairies.
Of course, Faith said her fairy didn't want wings.
But Grace had her wings.
And showed them off.
Both my girls look as beautiful as any garden fairy.
But not all fairies or girls are the same.
Faith's most fearsome enemy "TAT" (CAT) came out to the garden. 
Cat is a small friendly cat that roams the neighborhood and always ends up at Queenie's house when my girls are there to play.  Grace loves Cat.  Faith dislikes Cat.  Grace, being the "berry braythe" (very brave) and might I add very sweet big sister, held Faith's hand and told her not to be scared of Cat.   But Cat still managed to frighten Faith away.

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