Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Today we celebrated Christmas at Jennifer and Joe's house.
And we met their new baby, Coco today!
Grace adores Coco.
So does Faith.
Actually, all the kids are fascinated with her.
The whole family was there today.
Bethany and her family.
David and our family.
Aunt Charlotte.

Soon to be daughter-in-law Chelsea with Helen.
Look at Chelsea's beautiful ring!

The kids hung out and played.
Before we opened presents.

Grace loves her new hair holder.
So does Faith.
But Faith really, really likes her Minnie Mouse bag.
Benjamin just likes his MeeMee.
And Scarlett liked hiding Coco's toys.
Stephen and Luke made funny faces.
And the girls just played sweetly together.
Actually all the kids really get along well.  They're best buddies.
We finished the night by roasting marshmallows.
And catching a few on fire.
What a wonderfully large family.
Merry Christmas!

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