Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun in the sun at the crawfish boil

David's IT group at his company hosted a crawfish boil this weekend.
 And they had a slip and slide!
 Which was quite fun as you can tell.
 Seth was in town.  He just got home from a cruise.  Lucky boy.
 Faith fell and hit her head.  It's the first real fall she's had.
 But she was smiling like herself shortly afterwards.  She's a tough little girl.
 Then David rode Grace around on the 4 wheeler.
 She had a blast.
 Then it was Faith's turn.
She enjoyed it, too.  In fact, we all enjoyed the comraderie and meeting some of David's coworkers.  Most of all, it was fun enjoying the outdoors.  The crawfish was excellent by the way.  Some were so big they could be mistaken for lobster.  We cooked over 90 pounds of crawfish.  I failed to take a picture - shocking, I know.  I was too busy eating and enjoying myself...

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