Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival

We drove over to the Hot Air Balloon Festival today.
And snagged a sweet parking spot right by all the activities!
First we walked through the booths.
It's always interesting checking out the wares for sale.
Faith had the best view from up high, but she was mostly interested in her Daddy's sunglasses.
Until she got to drive a John Deere.  It was her first tractor ride.
Well, she pretended to drive.
Then Grace clambered up to join in the fun.
And insisted Daddy and Faith get down so she could go!
She tried her best to put that John Deere in gear.
And tried again on the next tractor, too.
And while it didn't go anywhere she sure had fun pretending!
After that, we stumbled up a corn shucker.  This reminds me of our years in Nebraska.  Don't ask me why because we never used a corn shucker there.  But it was the corn husker state!
Grace used her muscles.
And shucked all the corn off her cob!
We walked around some more and saw a fairy.
Then I rode on the tilt-a-whirl ride with Grace.
Grace really enjoyed that.  And so did I.
Then we saw a balloon come in for a landing.
And others started to fire up their engines. 
There were balloons everywhere.
We found a sweet spot right by one.
And camped out there for a bit.  When those pilots light up the balloons it is LOUD.  Thus Grace covering her ears...
They let Grace climb into the basket. 
Not only was it loud, but it was HOT.  Sweltering hot.  I couldn't be a hot air balloon driver.
But they are beautiful to watch as they flare up in the night sky.
And fun to watch as they dance and light up to the music. 

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