Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to the world, Benjamin!

Today was the big day.  My induction day!
 For the sheer convenience, I was induced with all 3 of my kids.  That and I seemed to get bigger with each one.  I really thought this one was going to be 9 pounder...
 David is an old waiting pro now.  His phone kept him entertained.
We had time for one group picture before it was pushing time.
A few minutes later, Benjamin was born.
 His Daddy cut the umbilical cord.
 And he was off for finger and footprints.
 He wasn't too happy about that.
But then his Daddy held him and the world was right again. 
 After David and I had a few minutes alone with our new son, my nurse Cricket brought Grace and Faith in to meet their new brother.
 And both girls were so sweet.  Benjamin is one loved little boy.
We spent a few minutes together as a family before the nurses whisked Benjamin away to be bathed and weighed.
He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces.  Just 1 ounce bigger than Grace was when she was born and just over a half pound less than Faith.
MeeMee and Grace watched as Benjamin received his first bath.
 Those nurses really get those babies clean.
And look, Benjamin has more hair than any of my babies.
Today sure was exciting but very exhausting.
I think waiting was the most tiring part of all.

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