Monday, August 20, 2012

First day jitters

Grace came home from school with all kinds of neat schoolwork.
They started their first day of school by drinking "Jitter Juice."  Grace explained to me that when we doing something different for the first time sometimes our tummies have little butterflies flying around inside.  When you drink Jitter Juice it makes all those butterflies take a nap and then you aren't nervous any more.  And it works! 
Then they read the Kissing Hand.
And wrote their names with star stickers.  Her first day of school was a fantastic success and she can't wait to go back.  I hope she keeps her enthusiasm throughout the year.
Grace came home wearing this little necklace that shows her which bus she will ride on throughout the year.  It's clever of the school to put a picture of an animal on each bus and a matching tag on each kid.  Then the school bus driver stands outside the school bus checking names off their list as the children come on board.  In addition, if any child is found roaming the hallways, the adults know just where to take them.  It seems to be very efficient system.  And I like it.

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