Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have been wanting some houseplants for a while.
However, I tend to have a black thumb and kill most anything.  Completely unintentionally.  So I decided to give succulents a try.  They are supposed to thrive with neglect.  Perfect!
So today the girls and I had a planting party while Benjamin napped.  They're just nothing like working the dirt.  I love it and so do my girls.
So, I let both Faith and Grace pick a pot and plant for their own.  And we planted them.
Faith chose a tall bushy little thing while Grace selected a fuzzy little plant.  I have no idea what kind any of these are.  I just know they look so cheerful in their new pots.  And my home looks cozier and more lived in.  When we finished, we had enough plants to put some in just about every room - master bedroom, master bath, family room, even our guest bedroom.  Ten in total. 
I think this has given me planting fever.  Now I have decided I should try out an herb garden in our dining nook.  We have this great long window with the perfect ledge.  Yes, I think that shall be my next planting project...

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