Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of kindgergarten

Today was Grace's first day of kindergarten.
So I packed her a hungry caterpillar lunch consisting of turkey rolls, cheese, brocolli, and grapes with honey mustard dipping sauce.  Trust me, it tastes better than it looks...
And here's Grace very excited for her first day of school.
She has her backpack, lunch box, and sparkley shoes.
And just because she has to wear a uniform, that doesn't mean she can't be sparkley and cute!
And yes, we let her ride the school bus to school.  The pickup spot is directly in front of our house which made it a little easier for me.  We had planned to drive her but she has diligently asked to ride the school bus.  She begged for a whole week before we gave in.  And when that school bus pulled up to our stop, Grace bounded up the steps without looking back until she found a seat.
Apparently, nowadays, all the cool kids ride the school bus.  It wasn't like that when I was in school.
And as it drove away with my little girl, I waved until it was out of sight.  My heart sank a little and my eyes started to water.  My little girl isn't so little any more.  She's a full-fledged kindergarten growing up much faster than I like.  I'm really gonna miss her for the7 hours a day that she's gone.
And so is her little sister, Faith.  Faith had been asleep while Grace got ready and headed off to school.  As I turned to come back inside the house I saw Faith standing solemnly there at the window just watching.
When I came back inside she asked, "Ware my Race-y doe?"  (Where did my Gracie go?)
She was heartbroken and replied, "I wun my Draycee bat!"  (I want my Gracie back!) 
And that melted my heart even more. 

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