Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Late last night we wrapped all the presents.
And put them under the tree.
And we stuffed all the stockings, too.
Early this morning, I heard little feet running around and discovered Grace peeking under the tree.  She didn't see me and I guess she thought she wasn't supposed to be up because she ran back to her room and climbed into bed.
Not too much later we were all awake and ready to celebrate.  
We let the kids look at the presents for a while before eating breakfast and letting David read the Christmas story.
Then we tore into the presents!
I think everyone was pretty happy with what they got.
Grace got her cotton candy maker and light up snowman.  Faith got a "pur-hull hipp-pah-mus" (purple hippopatamus) and pink singing pig.  And Benjamin got a toddler triangle toy and singing reindeer.  The kids were delighted by their presents and I was delighted by their joy.

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