Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tiny dancer

Grace is taking dance classes again this year - jazz and pre-primary ballet, to be precise.  And she loves it. 
We've been practicing her ballet positions regularly so she really knows them. I never took dance as a child and I will be the first to admit those positions are hard - especially since she inherited my lack of coordination.  And while Grace knows and has practiced those positions, she lacks confidence in herself.
(This is not one of the 5 positions.  In those particular positions your feet have to do some funky things...)
On the way to dance class today, Grace was so worried that she would forget her positions or wouldn't do them correctly.   In fact, she didn't want to go because she knew she was going to be called in front of the class to demonstrate each position.  So I told her that I knew she knew her positions and she was going to do great.  All she needed to do was believe herself and try her best.
When I picked her up after class, she was literally jumping up and down full of excitement and couldn't wait to show me her ballerina necklace.  Then she gave me a great big hug and said, "I believed in myself just like you told me and it worked!  It really worked!  I remembered all my positions all by MYSELF!"  And seeing that tiny little boost in her confidence caused my heart to overflow. 

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