Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa's got a wagon

This week while Grace was in school, I let Faith help me wrap some Christmas presents - not her presents, of course.  Just a few for Benjamin and David.  And she was a great helper putting on tape, etc.  And she immediately put them under the tree.  But then she wanted to open those same presents - especially a particularly small present.  She keep calling it her present because "it li-ull like me! (it's little like me!)  So after Faith went down for a nap, I hid the presents.  Otherwise they wouldn't have made it until Christmas.

This evening Faith walked up to me very concerned and said, "Momma I doan know wair my tiss-uss doe."  (Momma I don't know where my Christmas presents went.) 

So I responded by saying, "Well it's not time to open our presents yet.  We'll open them on Christmas Day."

And Faith simply replied, "Oh.  Santa has my tiss-uss pez-ints in his wah-un!"  (Oh.  Santa has my Christmas presents in his wagon!)

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