Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blueberry picking

It is nearing the end of blueberry season here in Alabama.
So we went to a local farm to pick some berries.
I must say we really enjoyed it.
And we gathered more than enough for a cobbler or two.
The owner told us to eat our fill, we only pay for what we take home.
So we ate quite a few and they were delicious!  
They were slightly tart but still sweet and very juicy.
We only picked for about 20 minutes and just went down one row of the fives acres of bushes.
We would have stayed longer but it was just too hot and humid.  But we still ended up with around 2 pounds of berries that only cost us $2.00.  Grace and Faith enjoyed it immensely and I plan for us to be some of the first pickers next season.

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