Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

We love celebrating Independence Day.
This year we loaded up the golf cart and drove down to a friend's house just down the street.
They like to blow things up just like we do.
We started the afternoon off with sparklers.
And silly faces.
Even Benjamin got to play with a few.
His first roman candle!
We enjoyed a snack of watermelon.
And some sparkly fountains.
Then we started with the mortars.
Sparkly mortars.
Multiple tiny things simultaneously.
Single shots.
Larger singles.
HUGE singles.
It took us over 4 hours with 3 men lightening them up before we shot off all our fireworks.
The triple shots were some of my favorite.
But it took us so long, that Faith eventually passed out on the golf cart while watching the show.  We had so much fun this year that we've already started planning for next.

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