Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tea Time!

It was a rainy day today.
So we had a dress up tea party using fine china.
Grace was a gracious hostess.
She poured pink lemonade tea.
And served moon pies!
Chocolate moon pies.
And banana moon pies.  Banana happens to be my favorite.
Even Benjamin joined in the festivities.
And Chloe went so far as to dress up for the occasion.
We drank our tea and nibbled on our moon pies.
Little boys are so different from little girls.
Benjamin likes to dip his moon pie in his tea before taking bites.  The girls would never dream of making a mess like that.  But Benjamin seems to love messes.
Chloe really wanted a moon pie.
Which Faith thought was just silly.
So did Grace.
Cheers everyone!
Maybe next time we'll give Chloe a teacup with water and dog biscuit for her snack...

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