Friday, October 25, 2013

How a pumpkin grows

Grace came home with a little book she helped write.
It's called How A Pumpkin Grows
First, you have to plant the seed.
Next, the sprout grows.
Then, a flower bud grows.
After that, a small green pumpkin grows.
Finally you have a large pumpkin.

I never realized how much I would enjoy seeing the work Grace does in school each day.  And they do a lot of school work.  She brings stacks home each day with reading, spelling, handwriting, English, math...  It's a joy to see how she matures and learns a little bit more each day.  I love to see her attempt to spell words she hasn't learned yet.  And I'm a little envious of her simple view of the world.  She's so sweet and innocent.   And each afternoon I look forward to her face lighting up as she excitedly tells me about all the new things she has learned at school that day.  I am so thankful that she enjoys school and is eager to learn.  It is a trait that I hope she never loses because she still has quite a bit of learning to do...

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