Friday, October 11, 2013

Seth Graduates and is now a Marine

We got to see Seth actually graduate today.

First we saw officers.
Then the platoons marched in.
This is Seth's platoon. 
They stood so still.
And in neat formation.
The saluted.
And the band marched through.
Then they stood at rest while some speeches were made.
This was their commander I think.
Here's a closeup with Seth.  Can you find him?  He's the third guy in the row to the right of the flag. 
Then each platoon marched by.
I took pictures of just about everyone in Seth's platoon.
Constantly searching for Seth's face.
There he is.
He was so solemn.
Then they marched around.
And stood at attention again.
The flag holders marched out.
The recruits said "Yes Sir!" to something.
Then they were dismissed.  Can you find Seth?  He's the only one really smiling.
What a handsome soldier he makes.
Grace again was the first one to him.
There I am with my not-so-little brother.
There he is with Hope.
After the ceremony we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat.
And they made a special burger just for him.
And it was good to see him.
And all too soon it was time to go home.  I hope to see him soon.  And I pray he stays safe while serving us and our country.

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